Start: 10/03/2024 12:00
End: 10/04/2024 00:00
Where: Hosanna FM Radio 95.2

"We are very pleased to announce the start of the HBS RADIO Photo Contest. To preserve and globally promote the increasingly disappearing culture of the 

Kenyan Citizen, Hosanna Broadcasting Station is eagerly awaiting your photographs.

Therefore, your mission is simple. Please visit the regions where the Maasai tribe 

lives and take photos that tell a story!"

Eligibility: Kenyan nationals

Categories: Photography and a manuscript of at least 100 characters

(A manuscript of at least 100 characters appropriately describing the photo and its 


Theme: Kenyan  Cultural Heritage (Everything that can convey the 

disappearing culture of your local villages, including their unique culture, monuments, 

household items, intangible culture, etc.)

Specifications: XGA level (1024 x 768 pixels), (file size between 50KB and 10MB)

Format: JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG image files and a photo description of at least 100 



1.The submission must be an unpublished original work created by the participant.

2.No limit on the number of entries per participant (however, there will be a limit 

on the number of prize-winning works per person).

3.Participants must be careful not to infringe on third-party copyrights.

4.Only photos taken after 2021 are eligible for submission.

5.Minimal post-processing is allowed; image compositing is strictly prohibited.

6.Entrants whose works pass the preliminary round must submit a consent form 

for portraits if their entries have potential portrait rights issues.


   First prize (1?winners):  Ksh 30,000.

   Second prize (1?winner) : ?Ksh?20,000.

   Third prize (1?winner):  Ksh?10,000.

   Fourth Prize (2 wineers): Ksh 5,000.

   Finalists (Up to 60): digital FM Radio.


   Please send it to :   fmradionarok@gmail.com

  *Hosanna FM Radio reserves the right to qualify or disqualify any entry (s).

Featured on Hosanna Broadcasting News with an interview.Terms and Conditions

Contributors must be Kenyan national to submit a photo. The photo must be 

original and owned by the contributor. By submitting photos to the competition, 

the contributor agrees to a creative commons, attribution, non-commercial 

share-alike license (BY-NC-SA).

By uploading the image, the contributor ensures that the image was taken legally 

and that they have the right to portray all people or other information contained 

in the image.

Competition organizers reserve the right to use photos submitted through the 

competition for HOSANNA FM RADIO materials and exhibitions during HBS events. 

Contributors do not have permission to use the photos they submitted for 

commercial purposes.

Contributors who work for the media are required to attach an authorization 

signed by a representative of the media company employing them. This 

authorization should state that the contest organizers have permission to publish 

the author’s piece from the media outlet where the photo originally appeared. 

Please attach your approval (if applicable) in the submission form.

The HOSANNA FM RADIO reserves the right to disqualify contestants in the case 

of suspicious activity throughout the CONTEST period. Fraudulent activities will be 

monitored and will lead to exclusion.

Evaluation process

A panel of judges selected by HOSANNA FM RADIO will select up to 60 photos 

from all eligible submissions received during the competition period. Please note 

that while you may submit more than one entry, we will not select multiple entries 

from the same person as finalists.

Finalists will be chosen based on the following criteria:

Creativity (30%)

Photographic quality (30%)

Composition (30%)

Execution of theme (10%)

Entries will be accepted until 10. April Finalists will be announced by the end 

of July, with winners announced late May. The best photos will be showcased at the HOSANNA FM WEBPAGE and HBS FM 95.2MHz.

Good luck, and we look forward to receiving your submissions!

How to participate

Download resistraion form : Download the resitration form

Each photo constitutes a single entry.

The attatch file must include the photo’s title and the contributor’s name and 

the contact information, including email address, social media handles (if 

applicable) and a caption listing the subject and location.

Please send them to the email address below